Trailer Pirinop - My First Contact

submitted by Instituto Socioambiental - ISA on 05/07/14 1

In 1964 the Ikpeng people had their first contact with the white man in a region close to the Xingu River, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. Threatened by the invasion of gold prospectors in their own territory, they were transfered to the Xingu Indigenous Park, where they live to this day.
Bringing together past and present, the Ikpeng evoke, intermingling sadness and humor, the moments that changed radically their lives, the day a noisy spirit-bird crossed the skies of their village for the first time. The film tells the story of this encounter, or what is left of it: the remembrance, the exile, the abandoned land, the culture and the identity of a people. In one side, the memory - incomplete, intense, reinvented - the archive footage, the oral narrative. In the other, the present life, the daily gestures, the desire for return.
Direction: Mari Corrêa and Karané Ikpeng
Duration: 83 minutes
Versions: portuguese, english, spanish and french

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