"The Antique Show" Episode 1.1 Brimfield: Industrial Antiques

submitted by insidebrimfield on 04/29/14 1

'The Antique Show' is a concept that I've wanted to bring to fruition for nearly a decade, and finally, with the help of Kent Rich at Granite River Studios, Alex Tzvalas and Terri and Jynn of April May Creative, we made it happen.
The idea is simple; create a show that focuses on the people, the items and the stories that make the antique business so great. Each episode would be like a mini documentary, featuring new dealers, buyers and storytellers from antique shows across the country.
In this sample episode I decided to focus on Industrial Antiques and see just how much material we could get in one day of filming at the Brimfield Antique Show. My expectations were high, but with the amazing team I had to work with and those who were eager to participate on camera, we got more amazing material than I could have ever hoped for. Editing it all together was a longer process and I thank Kent for having patience with me. But, we did get it done, and I think this sample episodes of 'The Antique Show' does a great job of showing how many amazing people and stories there are at a place like Brimfield. In 2013 we're hoping to go back to Brimfield for 10-12 days and I'm confident that from this we'll come away with enough material for 10x 30min new episodes.

Having the opportunity to interview such amazing people in this in industry that I grew up in was truly a dream come true and I hope to have the chance to do it considerably more often in the very near future!

Jeremiah Pasternak

Please watch all of the other wonderful Interviews with a wide range of dealers on our Vimeo page.

And, If you're interested in joining the crew and discovering all that is Brimfield, please contact me at ilovemodern@hotmail.com

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