Oxford University Christmas Science Lectures - Tripping The Light Fantastic

submitted by Marvin's Underground Evening Lectures on 10/06/18 1

Light illuminates and gives life. It is beauty, colour and art. It also reveals, enlightens, and brings understanding. In a dazzling display, Jonathan Wood shows us the inspiration and fascination to be found in the use of light, from Harry Potter's invisible cloak to killing cancer cells. The future really is bright. With demos and audience participation, Jonathan will reveal (most if not all of) the following: 
Why the sky is blue. 
What's wrong with magenta. 
How second sight can be gained with artificial retinas.
The secret behind Harry Potter's invisibility cloak.
Why light may be the answer for killing cancer cells. 
The connection between dancing molecules and soaring spacecraft. 
How nature solved the problem of blue and green.

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